That’s the kind of Love I’ve got for You


“That’s The Kind Of Love I’ve Got For You” is a song written in 1978 by Dean Parks and Donald Fletcher for the pop diva Dusty Springfield. It was produced by Roy Thomas Baker and 12” mixed by Tom Moulton. Dusty does disco, no more to say.

D. Springfield – That’s The Kind of Love I’ve Got For You (12” Mix) (Discogs)

Loves Saves The Day


The first time I read about David Mancuso was when I bought “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life“. That book, as for many others, changed and improved completely my personal view on Dance Music. I remember reading each page and thinking about these guys: David, Larry and Ron. All three of them had his personal style and attitude. There was only to learn and admire. The second time I heard about David Mancuso was when his “Loft series” on Nuphonic came out. A friend came to my house with the first compilation saying “just play it”. We listened those 2 cd all the afternoon, completely amazed by the music. It was different from all the stuff we were listening during that period. It was a blast. Trough the years I re-discovered (and still love) most of the tracks from those compilations: always remembering about Mancuso and his passion for the music and his sound system. His point of view was uniqueLoves Saves The Day David.

War – City, Country, City (Discogs)