Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love


From the Disconet DJ News: “Here’s the song that RSO forgot the 12″ on… Jimmy Ruffin’s “Hold On To My Love. “The 3 minute 7” single had a great instrumental as its backside, and Robbie Leslie made his own acetate which he wore out in a few weeks. Robbie has recreated his remix, which has become legend at Underground and The Pavillion on Fire Island where Robbie plays. Raul engineered the remix, and it was supercut by Jack Supercutter Skinner to bring out all those great sounds and the energy inherent in the tracks. Jimmy probably got lost in the r&b/pop shuffle, and it was just not fashionable a year ago to make 12″ remixes for clubs. Maybe things are now changing, as Atlantic and CBS are sure selling a lot of commercial 12s in the northeast. Robbie’s remix shows, once again, that you can’t keep an exceptionally fine song away from the dance floor. It was written by Robin Gibb and Blue Weaver, who also produced the song together. Jimmy is at his finest on “Hold On”, and Robbie’s energy intro and smooth outro should make this special version very useful. While the tempo is high (129 BPM), the texture is smooth. Enjoy!

Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love (Extended Remix) (Discogs)

Ian McCulloch – Faith & Healing


Ian McCulloch, in 1988 left Echo & The Bunnymen and started working on his first solo album. As he reports, he was a fan of New Order and you can clearly hear it in this single from the Lp: the guitar, the synths, probably everything sounds as a New Order track. Anyway the result is astounding. Remix duties by Mark Saunders.

Ian McCulloch – Faith & Healing (The Carpenter’s Son Mix) (Discogs)

Red Hot (Special Remix Version)


The weight of Herb Alpert in contemporary music is outstanding. Along with Jerry Moss he founded A&M Records and, “forgetting” all the music, he is the only recording artist to hit No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop chart as both a vocalist (with “This Guy’s in Love with You“), and an instrumentalist (with “Rise“).  In 1978, Alpert decided to record his old hit songs in a dance format and recruited his nephew Randy Badazz and his partner Andy Armer to rework them. Which they didn’t. Instead, they gave to Alpert a bunch of new songs not disco but funky: the whole story is a nice reading. Red Hot is a lesser known song that came out from their six hands, here’s presented in his extended version.

Herb Alpert – Red Hot (Specially Remixed Version) (Discogs)

The Patrick Cowley MegaMix


Written by Frank Loverde, Don Minley and James Wirrick. Sung by Izora Amsted and Martha Wash aka the Two Tons O’ Fun. Remixed by Patrick Cowley.

This is how the Disconet Service launched the promo in 1983.

Two Tons 0′ Fun (more recently known as The Weather Girls) are next with a very special Patrick Cowley MegaMix of their 1980 classic, “I Got The Feeling.”  Harvey Fuqua produced the original tracks for Fantasy/Honey, which were originally mixed by John Kovarek.  Nancy Pitts was executive producer.  Patrick sent us his special MegaMix in 1981, and the tape surfaced during a massive cleanup of some 300 tapes in the Disconet studios a few weeks ago.  We believe that the mix is so strong that after the dust settles, someone’s just got to put this one out commercially.

And it happened.

I Got The Feeling (The Patrick Cowley MegaMix) (Discogs)

Images Of Heaven (Razormaid Mix)


Razormaid was started in the mid 80’s by Joseph Watt and Art Maharg in San Francisco as a music service for working club DJs. Their offer was something other than just the regular versions that everyone had in their record bins: they created their own special versions of songs by editing and remixing the hottest club tunes being played around the world. For the complete story you should check this interview with Joseph Watt, who is also the man behind this remix for Peter Godwin. It’s probably my favourite Razormaid rework: very simple but stronger than the original extended version.

Peter Godwin – Images Of Heaven (Razormaid Mix) (Discogs)