Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind


This ’86 cover by Fred Fowler of the Eddie Kendricks’ classic “Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind“, is one of those records that perfectly reveal the transition from Disco to House Music back in the 80’s. Arranged by disco pioneer Patrick Adams and mixed by fabulous DJ and producer Bruce Forest.

Fred Fowler – Girl, You Need A Change Of Mind (Discogs)

Sine – Just Let Me Do My Thing


Patrick Peter Owen Adams is US disco, soul and boogie producer, arranger, songwriter and musician; owner of P&P Records. Someone consider him the most influential writer/producer of the Disco scene. It’s difficult to disagree when you’ve written and produced songs like “Keep On Jumping“, “Lady Bug” and “I’m Caught Up“. During his career he released songs under many names: Sine is one of them. A one-album disco project (written with Richard Adler) where you can clearly hear the typical Adams disco signature. The synths. And for all the disco nerds out there don’t miss this lecture.

Sine – Just Let Me Do My Thing (Discogs)