Michele – Can’t You Feel It


Pierre Jaubert, a French producer, discovered the singer Chantal Sitruk in the late 1970s on the streets of Paris. In 1977 they recorded their first album together which came out under the name of “Michele”.  At that time, Chantal and her boyfriend were having hard moments with drug habits and while the album was going out Chantal was serving time in prison and she was unable to do the promotion properly. In 1979 the duo released a second album, this time under the name of “Chantal Curtis”, and with a proper promotion they gained more visibility in the disco and radio scene. Years later, Chantal was tragically murdered in Israel in 1985, allegedly the victim of a bullet intended for her boyfriend. Thanks to Pierre Jaubert and DiscoMusic.com for all this sad story. Now to the brighter things: the music.”Can’t You Feel It”from the 1977 Lp is what I call an awesome disco song. I don’t know, it’s probably the magic of Tom Moulton at the mixing desk or the chorus. Don’t tell me, just enjoy the music!

Michele – Can’t You Feel It (Discogs)