Cerrone – Call Me Tonight


Something that I’ve always loved about Disco is the message. The 95% of disco music is full of burning bodies, high fevers, unexpected lovers and Knights In White Satin. All this was possible thanks the extended version of “Love To Love You Baby” by Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer: that 16 minutes song officially legitimized sex in the charts. Another European producer, the French drummer and composer Cerrone was a prominent key figure for some of the best sexy disco songs out there. “Call Me Tonight” is in this list, a track from the Cerrone – American LP – “Angelina”, written with Alain Wisniak the song features a bunch of great session players: Greg Mathieson, Jeff Baxter, David Hungate and singer Michelle Aller.

Cerrone – Call Me Tonight (Discogs)

The Holy Cry Of The Lone Wolf


One of the Disco holy grails, released in 1979 on the Japanese Casablanca label by The Electric Connection. The team behind this EP was quite impressive, according to the – credited – John TartagliaJim Gordon was on drums, David Hungate played electric bass, Michael Boddicker played all the synths plus the vocoder vocals and Paulinho Da Costa played all of the percussion.

The Electric Connection – Cry Of The Lone Wolf (Discogs)