Phyllis Nelson – Move Closer


I feel a little bit guilty because I never posted a proper disco ballad. Please enjoy this beautiful song by American singer Phyllis Nelson. After working and recording on several disco records in the late 70’s she written and recorded this song in 1984. It was her biggest hit. Produced by Yves Dessca and mixed by Jon Glass.

Phyllis Nelson – Move Closer (New Mix) (Discogs)

Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming


“Tell I’m Not Dreaming (Too Good To Be True)” is a song by Jermaine Jackson featuring his younger brother Micheal. It’s taken from his ’85 self-titled album: a track that was never officially released as a single because of legal difficulties between Michael’s label, Epic, and Jermaine’s label, Arista. The song did receive anyway a lot of airplay and it was nominated for “Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals” at the Grammy Awards. This 12” version is remixed by Steve Algozino for his Hot Tracks Music Service.

Jermaine Jackson – Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming (Hot Tracks Remix) (Discogs)

Wally Badarou – Hi-Life (12” Remix)


The weight of keyboardist and synth pioneer Wally Badarou in contemporary music is outstanding. From the start of his career at the end of the 70’s he has been consistently busy working on his music and with others: Fela Kuti, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger, Herbie Hancock, Joe Cocker and Gwen Guthrie are just a few names from his endless list of collaborations. In addition to his production and keyboard work he has done several film scores, the most notably is “Kiss of the Spider Woman“. Badarou released his more dance oriented album in 1984: “Echoes”. It was recorded in Bahamas at (the now closed) Compass Point Studios, one of the best recording studio in the world. “Hi-Life” was the first single, remixed in this 12” version by Paul “Groucho” Smykle.

Wally Badarou – Hi-Life (12” Remix) (Discogs)

Angela – I Gotta Little Love


Angela Werner is a new wave german musician and singer. She was active in the early 80’s when she released two albums and then she went collaborating with Jyl Porch for her project Jyl. “I Gotta Little Love” is the b-side of her last single “Fantasy”: an hard to find super electro cosmic song. And Angela, if you ever read this, please repress your records!

Angela – I Gotta Little Love (Discogs)

L.T.D. – Back In Love Again


I’ve always been a fan of “Back In Love Again” by Love Togetherness Devotion: the guitar riff is very catchy and then there are the lead vocals by Jeffrey Osborne. In 1984, 7 year after the original release Steve Algozino (with the help of Patrick Cowley) provided this edit for his Hot Tracks Music Service. 11 Minutes of pleasure: the last part with Cowley playing with the synths is pure bliss.

L.T.D. – Back In Love Again, Again (Hot Classics Edit) (Discogs)