World Premiere – Share The Night


Classy disco track from 1983, produced and mixed by DJ and remixer Jonathan Fearing. The beautiful synthesizer solo is by Fred Zarr, Brooklyn based composer and keyboardist who as worked alongside numerous artists including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson, Eartha Kitt, Ziggy Marley, The Strikers and Tina Turner.

World Premiere – Share The Night (Club Mix) (Discogs)

Haunted Cocktails (Extended Edit)


Intro was a Synth-Pop Belgian duo composed by Jimmy O’Neill and (gorgeous) Jacqui Brookes. They released two singles in 1983, the last one “Haunted Cocktails” was produced by Mike Hedges: a killer dance track with a nice use of the concertina. This extended version by Frank Schmidt was released for the Disconet Program Service the same year.

Intro – Haunted Cocktails (Extended Edit) (Discogs)

Seventh Heaven, the Special Mix


It’s clearly difficult to pick something from the works of the legend Larry Levan. From the cheesy mix of Dan Hartman to his original version of “Body Music” by The Strikers, we can only bless him. Levan was a true wizard, behind the mixer at the Paradise Garage and in the recordings studio too. In my opinion, his creative peak has been the “Special Album” for Gwen Guthrie. He took an already good Lp, which was produced by Sly and Robbie, to another (disco) level. Every track is a winner.

Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (12” Special Mix) (Discogs)

Junior Byron – Dance To The Music


Vanguard Records was set up in 1950 by brothers Maynard and Seymour Solomon. It started as a classical label but later released other types of music: jazz, folk, blues and (in the late 70’s) some disco. From 1979 to 1984 Ray Velazquez was the A&R man and “Disco Consultant” for the label. Under his direction Vanguard released 12” Disco singles by artists like Roni Griffith, Carol Williams, Poussez! and this only one single by Junior Byron. A very groovy electro song properly remixed by very own Director Pinky Velazquez.

Junior Byron – Dance To The Music (Vocal) (Discogs)

Cheri – Working Girl (Long Version)


Cheri” was a Canadian female disco duo who released two albums before breaking up in 1983. One half was Rosalind Hunt, daughter of a certain Geraldine. “Working Girl” was the last single of the Duo and was written by Geraldine; who also wrote most of the tracks for the gals. This long version is by the one and only Shep Pettibone.

Cheri – Working Girl (Long Version) (Discogs)

Club House – Do It Again with Billie


Club House was an Italian project which started in 1983 and ended in 1996 becoming very well known with their first release:”Do It Again meets Billie Jean”. A medley which combined Do It Again by Steely Dan with Billie Jean by Micheal Jackson. Club House, along with Stars on 45, was one of the first to produce medleys of well known songs. This one was also covered by the Detroit based band Slingshot and then, by Brooklyn Express.

Club House – Do It Again Meets Billie Jean (Discogs)