Colleen Grant – Latin Parang


Parang is a popular folk music originating from Trinidad and Tobago: can best be described as Christmas folk songs sung in Spanish. Some say it came out from Spanish colonists’ influence on local culture. Some say Venezuelan immigrants brought it. “Latin Parang” is its perfect disco declination from 1980: beautifully arranged by Leston Paul, who later gained massive success with “Hot Hot Hot” by Arrow.

Colleen Grant – Latin Parang (Discogs)

Graham Gouldman – Z.O.O.


In 1980, Graham Gouldman of 10cc wrote the soundtrack for “Animalympics“, a television animated movie released by Warner Bros and commissioned for the NBC Network. It was a series of vignettes presented as the broadcast of the first animal Olympic Games through the fictional ZOO television network. This soundtrack had a very limited release, only available on Lp and cassette. It is not available yet on Cd but is on iTunes. “Z.O.O.”, the theme for the movie’s fictional TV network, is the perfect theme song: I wonder how many other TV themes were inspired by this track.

Graham Gouldman – Z.O.O. (Discogs)

Red Hot (Special Remix Version)


The weight of Herb Alpert in contemporary music is outstanding. Along with Jerry Moss he founded A&M Records and, “forgetting” all the music, he is the only recording artist to hit No.1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop chart as both a vocalist (with “This Guy’s in Love with You“), and an instrumentalist (with “Rise“).  In 1978, Alpert decided to record his old hit songs in a dance format and recruited his nephew Randy Badazz and his partner Andy Armer to rework them. Which they didn’t. Instead, they gave to Alpert a bunch of new songs not disco but funky: the whole story is a nice reading. Red Hot is a lesser known song that came out from their six hands, here’s presented in his extended version.

Herb Alpert – Red Hot (Specially Remixed Version) (Discogs)

Amy Bolton – Do Me A Favour


Raul A. Rodriguez was a true disco wizard. Along with his C.O.D. project he produced many remixes, exclusive for the Disconet Program Service: the never forgotten “subscription” label founded in 1977 by Mike Wilkinson. He had a unique touch. This disco-rock remix for Amy Bolton is remixed with Mark Berry.

Amy Bolton – Do Me A Favour (A Raul Dance Mix) (Discogs)