Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love


From the Disconet DJ News: “Here’s the song that RSO forgot the 12″ on… Jimmy Ruffin’s “Hold On To My Love. “The 3 minute 7” single had a great instrumental as its backside, and Robbie Leslie made his own acetate which he wore out in a few weeks. Robbie has recreated his remix, which has become legend at Underground and The Pavillion on Fire Island where Robbie plays. Raul engineered the remix, and it was supercut by Jack Supercutter Skinner to bring out all those great sounds and the energy inherent in the tracks. Jimmy probably got lost in the r&b/pop shuffle, and it was just not fashionable a year ago to make 12″ remixes for clubs. Maybe things are now changing, as Atlantic and CBS are sure selling a lot of commercial 12s in the northeast. Robbie’s remix shows, once again, that you can’t keep an exceptionally fine song away from the dance floor. It was written by Robin Gibb and Blue Weaver, who also produced the song together. Jimmy is at his finest on “Hold On”, and Robbie’s energy intro and smooth outro should make this special version very useful. While the tempo is high (129 BPM), the texture is smooth. Enjoy!

Jimmy Ruffin – Hold On To My Love (Extended Remix) (Discogs)

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