Loves Saves The Day


The first time I read about David Mancuso was when I bought “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life“. That book, as for many others, changed and improved completely my personal view on Dance Music. I remember reading each page and thinking about these guys: David, Larry and Ron. All three of them had his personal style and attitude. There was only to learn and admire. The second time I heard about David Mancuso was when his “Loft series” on Nuphonic came out. A friend came to my house with the first compilation saying “just play it”. We listened those 2 cd all the afternoon, completely amazed by the music. It was different from all the stuff we were listening during that period. It was a blast. Trough the years I re-discovered (and still love) most of the tracks from those compilations: always remembering about Mancuso and his passion for the music and his sound system. His point of view was uniqueLoves Saves The Day David.

War – City, Country, City (Discogs)

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