The Patrick Cowley MegaMix


Written by Frank Loverde, Don Minley and James Wirrick. Sung by Izora Amsted and Martha Wash aka the Two Tons O’ Fun. Remixed by Patrick Cowley.

This is how the Disconet Service launched the promo in 1983.

Two Tons 0′ Fun (more recently known as The Weather Girls) are next with a very special Patrick Cowley MegaMix of their 1980 classic, “I Got The Feeling.”  Harvey Fuqua produced the original tracks for Fantasy/Honey, which were originally mixed by John Kovarek.  Nancy Pitts was executive producer.  Patrick sent us his special MegaMix in 1981, and the tape surfaced during a massive cleanup of some 300 tapes in the Disconet studios a few weeks ago.  We believe that the mix is so strong that after the dust settles, someone’s just got to put this one out commercially.

And it happened.

I Got The Feeling (The Patrick Cowley MegaMix) (Discogs)

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